Lexi's Lil Bug is a children's transportation service located in Maryland. Maryland is very small in size but produces mass job markets across various industries which in turn causes parents to spend more time away from home. Our goal is to help parents or guardians maintain a stable work life balance. We want to provide a safe and flexible transportation service for children that doesn't stop at 6pm but available at anytime. School-aged children have so many other activities they participate in outside of school hours such as play dates, sports activities, tutor sessions and etc.

What makes us unique? I'm glad you asked. We are the only transportation service that is geared strictly for the youth. Not to mention we are available outside of your normal business hours! Yes that's right, you can book us on the weekends too! Do you have a meeting running over or have to stay late at work? Lexi is here to help get your little one's home without any worries and peace of mind.

We are committed to treating your children with the same care and love as if they were one of our own. Their well being is our top priority and not taken lightly. Innovative technology methods had been put in place to ensure your child's safety such as internal GPS tracking software for all trips and drivers among other detailed security features. All drivers are sent through a rigorous background check and interview selection process before being hired.

Does your family have a busy schedule...

Lexi's Lil Bug is here for you at the drop of a request!