An Evening Among Young Stars Awards

An Evening Among Young Stars Awards will be presenting a moment of gratitude and appreciation to our youth in Baltimore City on February 11th 2018 at the Langston Hughes Community, Business and Resource Center.  Baltimore hasn’t always had the best representation of its young people and by spotlighting our children we can show their full potential to the world. The event will be hosted by Lexi’s Lil Bug, Youth Educational Services and Neighborhoods United; all organizations and residents of Baltimore City.


Victim Fund Run

Office of the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City maintains a Victims’ Emergency Fund to provide financial support for more immediate needs of the victim. The fund is available to victims of domestic violence, robbery, assaults, child abuse, and sexual assault; as well as families affected by homicide who meet the criteria. The fund covers expenses such as replacing broken windows and locks, stolen property, crime scene clean up, and medical treatment

The Society For Girls

4th Annual Totally Fun Tutu Run

This event was created to teach the importance of physical fitness while inspiring our future front-runners to lead happy healthy lifestyles and encouraging them to love their bodies.

The Totally Fun TuTu Run will provide necessary exposure to exercise and a healthy diet, which together not only fight off disease, but lay the foundation for a healthy future.

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